Friday, October 19, 2007

My Favorite Quotes

I just thought I would explain a little about my favorite quotes. Some people would think it's weird that I don't know who said half of my favorite quotes.Well I am just going to tell you the reason! Not because someone asked but because I am really bored. So, for starters some of them came from key chains and bumper stickers and I don't know who said them. I guess I could say they are from a key chain or bumper sticker but I'll have you know they are already up there and I am too lazy to go change them! Now even more of them are from other peoples Quotes lists and I really liked them but they don't know who said them there for I don't know who said them! Then there are the ones who I heard and know who said them, and the ones that I know who said them but I didn't hear them. These ones I also got from other people who may or may not have heard them but know who said them. I would also like to say something about the ones that do not make any sence to the people who read them and say 'I have the book and seen the movie that person didn't say that!' Well you are right the person didn't say that I read it in a Fanfiction! There now I think I have explained all my favorite quotes to you! I have to say if you read all of this you must have time on your hands. Either that or you didn't really want to read it you were just bored like me! Or you can have your own reason, I guess thats allowed.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thoughts To Ponder...

Have you ever wondered why guy animals are prettier than girl animals? I have... and I know they are pretty to help them attract a mate but don't you think it should be the girl who's pretty so she can attract a mate? 'Cause it's like girls are pretty and guys are handsome but with animals it's opposite. Maybe it's because the guy's aren't very smart so they got the looks instead? Or maybe they're sexist and think that sence the girls are going to be home with the babies all the time and aren't going to get out much they don't need the looks? I wonder......

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Babies!

I have two dogs, one named Biscuit, he's a Sheltie mix. The other is named Teddy, he's a big fluffy ball of terrier! We got Biscuit when he was 3 months old, we thought he was a stray sence he didn't have a collar and kept coming to our house to play and for food. So we took him in and put an ad in the paper to see if someone would call or come by for him. When no one came we took him and got his shots and toys and everything, then who should show up but his old owners! They came by saying that they had just seen the ad and wanted to see him. The lady had two kids with her and they kept calling him Sam I Am, I wanted so bad just to tell them 'His name is Biscuit not Sam!' But I didn't and they let us keep him! We were so happy even though we had to house train him!
A few years later we were moving to a new house and my Aunt's dog Lucy had puppies and she let us pick one. So of course we had to pick the cute fluffy one....that chews things up! When we first got him he was so tiny and fluffy he looked just like a teddy bear so we named him Teddy. Now he's just as fluffy and cute but he is both taller and longer than Biscuit! We are all happy to have them in the family! Even more now that Teddy only chews on his toys and stuffed animals!